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Professor Jules Kieser

Jules KieserBSc, BDS, PhD, FLS
Head of Department
Department of Oral Sciences


Prof. Kieser is involved in the development of several collaborative research projects.

1. Temporomandibular Joint research with George Dias of the Anatomy Department has gone from strength to strength. Having completed the gross anatomical phase of work, we are now preparing to analyse our experimental results and are also going to investigate the distribution of retro-articular fibres by means of confocal microscopy.

2. Dental Wear. This project, with collaboration from John Kaidonis of Adelaide University and also John Dennison and Nancy Tales of the Anatomy Department, has flourished with the help of Andrea Kelsen and Robert Love. To date we have demonstrated the high prevalence of erosive wear in the early Maori and also the effect of massive surface loss on the generation of intra-bony lesions.

3. Forensic dentistry has provided some cases of interest with a new interdivisional research project aimed at the admissibility of expert forensic evidence. The team consists of Jules, Donna Buckingham of the Faculty of Law, Peter Herbison and John Kittelson of the Dunedin School of Medicine, and Gordon Becket of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

4. Education research continues with special reference to our Context Rich Problems, their introduction and evaluation, and also the problems of student anxiety and how the new curriculum has affected this. Collaborators are Tom Kardos, and Grant Townsend and Tracy Winning from Adelaide University. The Longitudinal Curriculum Survey has now entered its third year, in collaboration with Bernadette Drummond and Murray Thomson.


JA Kieser in association with V Burgess, T Winning and G. Townsend was awarded a CUTSD National Teaching Development Grant.

Selected Publications

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